This herb was recorded from a suburb of Sydney, growing in a shady place.. looked like a wild plant to me, got it identified as Centranthus ruber ….which is grown as ornamental, though flowers are very small, but they form attractive bunches.. sharing a few pics!!

To me looks different from images in efi at Centranthus ruber and in net, in particular leaves.

do you have whole plant and since tend to be weedy a whole colony of them is usually around in summer though july is their winter and by their looks your bunch is past its prime and wet in rain. may be thats the difference. would you by any chance have some more//dryer ones?

I agree with what … have expressed, I too was reluctant to assume it Centranthus ruber when I made a comparison on web. Moreover, the plant itself was seen growing neglected as a wild plant, and the flowers were not that eye-catching as a cultivated would have..

…, I do not have any better pics of this, to discern what actually it could be.. I just agree that it is a Centranthus sp.

Centranthus ruber ‘Coccineus’ Spornblume.   Zauberstaude
Only 2 sp. listed in Australia, Centranthus ruber DC. and Centranthus macrosiphon Boiss..