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It is a great pleasure and opportunity to meet Orchid Specialist  Dr. Pankaj Kumar. Thank you Pankaj for sparing a whole day for me and taking around wilderness of Victoria Peak, Hongkong and showing local wild flowers.

Thanks for the meeting of two great minds.


so we get to see all those plants thru Pankaj’s eyes, and your camera lenseh?
lovely to see you thriving, Pankaj.

Yes Ushadi !

It was really nice meeting you and botanising around the top of Hong Kong island for a bit. As weather was not good, so we couldn’t go to some place where we could have seen some more orchids. Anyways we saw Paphiopedilum purpuratum, Diploprora championii, Ania hongkongensis, Cephalantheropsis obcordata, Goodyera viridiflora and Peristylus tentaculatus.
Hope you had a good time and wish you and your family members a very happy stay ahead.
Thanks and best regards

Unfortunately, none of them were flowering !!! But it was a nice experience walking in rain.

Yes Pankaj! It was indeed a great experience wanking in the rain on and off and exploring !