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I would like you to help me. The plant has long white smelly roots, the animals do not eat. The height of the plant is 3-5 feet with coppery coloured leaves and
is available in marshy lands. The local Name of the plant is VIRCHA. What is the botanical name/other names of this plant and its ayurvedic usages? 

please let us know the region … is it Maharshtra OR Gujarat ?

I will try to check in my available resources.

Thanks, …, I think it may be from Gujarat as most of his postings are from there.

Ask the person to send proper photo or proper characters. 

All carecter is maching with Cassia sophora ?

I have listen this plant is grow in Parvati valley of utranchal Pradesh

I checked all resources available to me – I was not able to reach this name.

But Senna sophera is widely reported from all over India as per details herein.