Request for ID of HP Flora Triund 40 : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3).

This plant was seen growing at a height of nearly 2500 mtrs at Triund.
Please help in identifying it.

How about Stellaria aquatica?

Species of Cerastium?

My guess, Stellaria graminea, because of the narrow leaves.

I think we will have to work more deeply on this plant. The petals are deeply divided, and probably it can’t be Cerastium. Capsules are not visible, so difficult to decide. It is definitely not Stellaria aquatica, which I had photographed in Manali and quite distinct. S. montioides (correct name for S. graminea) has very narrow leaves, not more than 3 mm broad. I suspect it may turn out to be S. patens (syn: S. longissima).

I request … to kindly upload some more photographs, especially if any with fruits, and with side view of flowers.

I am sorry but i don’t have any more pictures than the ones i posted.
Next time when i am in Himachal. if i am lucky enough to stay till early monsoon then i will surely get some more pictures and will surely post them.

I have finished processing my herbarium collection of Stellaria

The plant is Stellaria uliginosa Murr. (S. alsine)
…, this is the first use of my dugital Herbarium upload

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