Eriobotrya bengalensis (Roxb.) Hook.f., The flora of British India 371 1878 (syn: Eriobotrya bengalensis (Roxb.) Kurz (ambiguous synonym); Mespilus bengalensis Roxb.; Photinia bengalensis (Roxb.) Wall. ex G. Don; Pyrus bengalensis (Roxb.) M.F.Fay & Christenh.);
Cambodia, India, Laos, Myanmar [Burma] (Chin), Sikkim, Thailand, Vietnam, Sumatra (incl. Bangka Isl.), peninsular Malaysia, Borneo as per Catalogue of Life;


MS Aug.,2018/13 Eriobotrya bengalensis ? for Id/confirmation : 10 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
Location : Ailawng, Mizoram
Date : 04-08-2018
Habit : Medium-sized evergreen tree
Habitat : Wild

I guess it is matching !

What are the species available in your area ?

E.bengalensis is available in Mizoram

Thanks, …, Is this the only species of Eriobotrya available in your area?

Yes, it is. 

What are the species of Eriobotrya available in your area?

Only Eriobotrya bengalensis is recorded in my area (Mizoram).

Attachments (3)

Thanks, …, for the fruiting images.

These three images are different from Eriobotrya bengalensis (Roxb.) Hook.f., as leaves are entire.

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