Dianella ensifolia (L.) DC., Liliac. t. 1 1802. (syn: Charlwoodia ensata (Thunb.) Göpp.; Conanthera forsteri Spreng.; Cordyline ensifolia (L.) Planch.; Dianella albiflora Hallier f.; Dianella carinata Hallier f.; Dianella ensata (Thunb.) R.J.F.Hend.; Dianella ensifolia f. albiflora T.S.Liu & S.S.Ying; Dianella ensifolia f. racemulifera (Schlittler) T.S.Liu & S.S.Ying; Dianella ensifolia f. straminea (Yatabe) Kitam.; Dianella flabellata Hallier f.; Dianella forsteri (Spreng.) Endl.; Dianella humilis Lodd. ex Steud.; Dianella ledermannii K.Krause; Dianella mauritiana Blume; Dianella montana Blume; Dianella monticola K.Krause; Dianella nemorosa Lam. [Illegitimate]; Dianella nemorosa f. aspera Schlittler ……; Dianella obscura Kunth; Dianella odorata f. racemulifera Schlittler; Dianella parviflora Zipp. ex Hallier f.; Dianella parviflora Ridl.; Dianella philippensis Perrier; Dianella pullei K.Krause; Dianella robusta Elmer; Dianella sparsiflora Schlittler [Illegitimate]; Dianella sparsiflora var. albiflora (Hallier f.) Schlittler ……; Dianella straminea Yatabe; Dracaena ensata Thunb.; Dracaena ensifolia L.; Dracaena nemorosa (Lam.) Steud.; Eustrephus javanicus D.Dietr.; Walleria paniculata Fritsch);
S. Trop. Africa (Chimanimani Mts.) to Trop. & Subtrop. Asia as per WCSP;
Assam; Bangladesh; Borneo; Cambodia; China South-Central; China Southeast; East Himalaya; Florida; Hainan; Jamaica; Japan; Jawa; Laos; Lesser Sunda Is.; Madagascar; Malaya; Maluku; Mauritius; Mozambique; Myanmar; Nansei-shoto; Nepal; New Guinea; Ogasawara-shoto; Philippines; Runion; Seychelles; Solomon Is.; Sri Lanka; Sulawesi; Sumatera; Taiwan; Thailand; Vietnam; Zimbabwe as per Catalogue of Life;
Differences among different species as per San Marcos Growers;

Erect perennial herbs, to 1 m high. Leaves to 40 x 2.5 cm, linear-lanceolate, glabrous; sheath open, distichous. Flowers few, in panicled cymes; peduncle angled, smooth; pedicel 5 mm long, jointed; tepals 6, greenish white to blue, 6 x 4 mm, ovate; stamens 6, free, anthers oblong; ovary 3-celled, ovoid; ovules few; style slender. Berry ovoid, 7 mm across, smooth, blue; seeds few, compressed.

Flowering and fruiting: September-November
Grasslands and evergreen forests
Indo-Malesia to Pacific Islands
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi from India Biodiversity Portal)

SK1425 09 Sep 2018 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6) – around 400 kb each.

Location: Victoria Peak, Hong Kong 
Date: 12 August 2018
Elevation: 1300 ft.
Habit : Wild

Dianella ensifolia

Dianella ensifolia (L.) DC.


SK 3694 02 March 2023: 5 very high res. images.

Location: Suryavinayak, Bhaktapur, Nepal 
Date: 02 March 2023
Elevation: 1364 m.
Habit : Wild

Dianella ensifolia (L.) Redouté !

Maybe. Not getting sure on checking on the net.

Planning to visit for flowers soon !

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