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Hope you are well. 
I am writing to seek your help in finding of solutions and some experts who may offer expert inputs to protect the trees.
 Actually, I am litigating a case to protect the trees in Delhi due to rapid felling and cutting for many constructions projects. And you must be aware that the NBCC, CPWD and other agencies have cut down thousands of trees already and they are eager to cut more for there ambitious projects in Delhi. So, in order to protect the further damage to the environment, I filed a PIL in the Delhi High Court seeking directions to frame proper guidelines. 
Now we are looking for expert Arborist, Botanist, and members of Science community who can help us in finding the solutions which we may offer to the Court. Therefore, I request you to please help me in finding the solutions and to trace out some experts. 

The mail below is self-explanatory. If you or anyone you know can help, please get in touch with …, who is copied on this mail.


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