Allium cepa ?;



Is it possible to ID these buds seen along the Govindghat-Ghangaria trail, Uttarakhand in Aug 2018.
They were seen very close to the river.

pyaaz kali

Looks like flower buds of Allium (A.cepa?)

or even garlic chives- a. tuberosum. they would be white. in this case with the picture we have, i would stay with allium sp.

Thanks … I guess, further ID may not be possible

thats correct, … buds are closed and bulbs not visible.

color is white so regular chives as we know it can be ruled out they tend to be pinkish or have pinkish hues. other chives have longish bulbs, pointed like spear, may be white.
i personally think it may be pyaj kali / a. cepa flower stalk, since the stem looks fleshy, succulent but that would be a guess only. If i was foraging in the wild and that’s all i had, i would gladly have them and cook them with alu as pyaz kali ki tarkari, but we are not foraging  … ha ha. so i would stay with diagnosis Allium sp.