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Location: Lantau, Hong Kong 
Date: 14 August 2018
Elevation: 3000 ft.
Habit : Not sure 
Which Fabaceae ..?

I think it is Vigna ungiculata.

Looks somethiing different.

Isn’t Vigna unguiculata with purple flowers?

It is infact found in HK so I am not sure.
But can this be Vigna radiata? I have no idea though….

great. for the details column links to work. i need the url/link of the table, is it possible to get?

but the table’s url s what i need or how to go about it

Put the name of the genus of complete plant name in the box below and search.

well. secret of navigating on this page. vigna radiata typing gets vigna radiata page. typing vigna only in the scientific name box gets one the whole table. great. and there is a further detailed/refined page that i have used in the past but forgotten it
is this http://www.herbarium.gov.hk/Search_Form.aspx

Pl. try comparative images at

Ok! Thank you

May be Vigna radiata (L.) R.Wilczek, but difficult to conclude with these images.

You may be right …

Comparing images at efi stems looks different. Hairy in efi images and glabrous in this sp.

To me flowers remind of  Macrotyloma uniflorum

Calyx and leaves both look different from images at Macrotyloma uniflorum

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