Dear Friends, 

The monsoon has left Mumbai in a great hurry…….grasses have stopped growing…..shedding and burying its seeds for the future…..greens of yesterday slowly blending in to golden hue……there is a silence and stillness in the forest……Its time for us to sit quietly and listen to the falling leaves …..we take you through, near Kanheri Caves, on Peacock trail….. a very secluded winding path, crowded both the side with the tall trees of Amti, Kante Savar, Alu, Dhaman, Hasoli, Haldu, Sarpandi……. opening on a small hillock where on Thor (Euphorbia nerifolia), one can see the networking of Social Spiders everywhere…. and finally the dazzling display of clear  blue sky and green canopy of the trees…

Please join us for Tree Appreciation Walk at Kanheri Caves (Peacock Trail) on 21st Oct,2018 at 8 am. 

The 97th Tree Appreciation walk is on Sunday 21st October, 2018              

 Venue: Kanheri Cave/Peacock Trail, Next to Kanheri Caves,  Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali

Time:  8 am

Duration of walk:  2 hours

Meeting Point: Please buy your ticket and come to the(NIC) Nature Information Center’s  gate… wait just OUT SIDE the NIC’s gate, as we do not require permission to take Tree Walk at Kanheri Caves and just to gather we will meet at NIC’s gate.


Very Important : Please Don’t be late……..the entrance to this trail is well camouflaged in bushes & shrubs,  it will be very difficult to locate us once we leave for the Kanheri Cave/Peacock Trai. 


Most Important: kanheri Cave/Peacock trail is not in restricted area Vehicles will be parked at kanheri  Caves which is the last point where main road ends. Our Path is just a furlong away from the parking.


Please be informed we will be collecting Rs.10/- from each of you to give to the local guard as always. 


And as you all are aware that in forest we have to follow certain Do’s & Don’ts……..Here are some…. 


a)     Please wear dull cloths only……preferably dark green, brown.


b)    Please carry lot of water, cap is must, good walking shoes essential as the terrain is uneven & rocky at some places and walking stick for the people who find a short climb difficult.


c)    No plastics bags or wrappers…..carry food or snacks in boxes which you carry back home.


d)    carry Odomos or any mosquito repellent


Park gate opens at 7.30 am.


List of the trees which we are planning to show is attached herewith.


Please carry food if some of you would like to stay back and explore the area around.




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