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Location:  Shivapuri National Park,Nepal 
Date: 24 August 2018
Elevation:6500 ft.
Which Hedychium ?

Habit : Wild    

Hedychium spicatum ?? 

Hedychium sp. buds only. one needs flowers to know, i think

unless a grower really knows his plants

ok ! let us forget it since it is not possibe to follow-up.

why should we forget it, … never say never. there is always someone who knows…
just because i do not recognize the further classification is no reason to give up.
… grows all kinds of gingers, he would be able to recognize the buds and guess what they will mature into. that’s what i was alluding to in my first reply, that some one who grows….etc. and some students in some university studying Medicinal exotic gingers. are i am sure growing them and watching them everyday. life is fun. never give up

Ok … I understand.

May be Hedychium gardenarianum. Wait for flower opening for confirmation.

Thank you … But it is not possible for a follow up since it is far away.

So we stay with Hedychium sp as our final diagnosis on this one

with a caveat that its possibly: Hedychium gardenarianum

Ok …

correcting the spelling- Hedychium gardnerianum 

e not a 

Not big deal. It is ok Ushadi !

it becomes a deal if you copy paste the wrong spelling in google or plant list , kew etc and get no response. correct spelling got me some results. thats why i wrote the post

In that case I agree !

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