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Picture take, Sep,2018 from Sonadia Island, Cox’s Bazar

karabi gaachh

Thanks, … What is that? 


there is a pic that matches this plants leafing habit

not all neriums show that sort of growing vertically up habit of its branches
many droop

Nerium oleander seems to me, however, it is fully a mangrove habitat. 

happens. parts of ganges delta is often much below sea level, but we see karabi gaachh all over, culivated or wild and thriving

Thanks, … I initially thought of this but stayed away for some unknown reasons. 

yes i was going to also but i see a lot of these around my home and felt ok by calling its bangla name. usually the branches and leaves droop, but this case it was upright but that’s not entirely unheard of as in the link i found.

i also hope and wish that by now …  would have acquired how to take telling pictures, but he does not  take enough or appropriate pictures
stem //trunk of this tree would have also helped, and possible fruits. but what can you do

Thanks …, actually where the plant is located, it is not possible to reach me easily. I have taken through my tle lens from a moving boat. Mangrove fprest in coastal line is mixed with muddy mudflats, huge erect pnematophore, mud snake and thorny shrubs.

that’s ok … i made do with one and gave you the dx. in this case.

but when you are on solid grounds. do follow those great photographers we have like …, …, … etc. thats all

Could not find a match as per comparative images at Apocynaceae

look at leaves. longish narrow leaves with a single whitish vein. look esp at … photos.
question remains. the leaves are paired in the twigs here in this picture.
we need to either find a herbariun picture or tommorow when i go out i will stop at several neriun trees on my way to the market and inspect the leaf attachment/

also see this pic on that page in our website
efi image link and see … case for leaf attachments

Thanks, … I have checked all these before. But the posted plant is different. On the right hand side in the posted image, it also shows remnants of flowers. But it is difficult to guess based on these. 

Pl. see right most portion just above the middle. 

i did, some brown stuff and a linear brown? i still think its debris

may be could help himself or suggest someone who knows ganges /padma river delta well and may be they would know if other trees/shrubs have these nerium like leaves
the sender has no more information. he has not even responded if Karabi/rakta karabi gaacch is seen in the area he was observing.he does not seem to take part in these discussion, which are really for his benefit.
FOc says: 
Nerium indicum Miller; N. odorum Solander.
Stem to 6 m tall. Leaves very narrowly elliptic, 5-21 X 1-3.5 cm, leathery, base cuneate or decurrent on petiole, apex acuminate or acute
the only few trees or shrubs i am familiar with that have such narrowly elliptical leaves are olive and false olive.
1: Olea europaea 
i donot know if either of these would be found growing wild in bangladesh southern most watery marshes.
if i had to bet, i would chose Phillyrea as my second choice.
3. one could also take a stab at looking up
Osmanthus sp. some have narrowly elliptical leaves
i am going to stop here. i have spent a great deal of energy and time  remembering and searching and looking up, for something that the sender almost has no input in all these days. 
iti / fini for me. good luck. and thank you for your true diligence for the true id. i appreciate it

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