Peltigera dolichorrhiza (Nyl.) Nyl.;


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Location:  Shivapuri National Park, Nepal 
Date: 24 August 2018
Elevation:7000 ft.

Habit : Wild    

Very strange looking!!!  

Yes, …

some sort of weird moss?

No idea …

so , when I don’t have any idea. i do my own research based on physical characteristics but if someone gives me a lead that a bonus. you just got one last night.

i would have loved to have read your response like: great …, i will look that up. instead your response sounds like i dont know. someone has to tell me or i give up. which i know you are not doing. you will do research. i know you do. so…
i do research based on that lead there are thousands of mosses in the world. bryophyte is the term. so now you have your work cut out for you
to search for bryophytes of nepal, himalayas, north india, tubet, bhutan, china etc etc. ha ha. you will find out and you then will teach us

The photos provided to me which are in focus are Lichens. Although there are some mosses but they are really hard to identify.

lichen has so much organization that it starts to look like leaf and “fruiting ” body? if i could read some salient papers or books, i would appreciate it.

It is a species of Peltigera. Species can not be identified by photo. 

It is Peltigera appears dolichorrhiza species because upper surface is etomentose. Red coloured apothecia are borne on apically on extended lobules. Abundant on ground and mossy rocks in moist shady places. Common sp.

Peltigera dolichorrhiza ??
I could not find from anywhere whether it is listed in Nepal.

lichens are very difficult to classify and or study and from a few faint photos at that. many dedicated reaserchers have a hard time with msuprb photos, microscopy and tissue culture at their disposal. these pictures in this case can not even come close.
sorry. we just have to go with what the experts eluded to 

It is listed in Nepal as per