Lindera neesiana (Wall. ex Nees) Kurz, Prelim. Rep. For. Veg. Pegu Append. A: 103 1875. (syn: Aperula neesiana (Wall. ex Nees) Bl.; Benzoin fruticosum (Hemsl.) Rehder; Benzoin neesianum Wall. ex Nees; Calosmon neesianum (Wall. ex Nees) Kostel.; Lindera fruticosa Hemsl.; Lindera fruticosa var. pomiensis H.P. Tsui; Lindera pomiensis (Tsui) H.P. Tsui; Litsea fruticosa (Hemsl.) Gamble; Malapoenna neesiana (Wall. ex Nees) Kuntze; Tetranthera neesiana Wall.; Tetranthera prunifolia Wall. ex Meisn.);
Myanmar [Burma] (Kachin, Mon, Taninthayi), Bhutan, Sikkim, N-India, Nepal, China (Anhui, Guizhou, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Zhejiang), Tibet as per Catalogue of Life;

Deciduous shrub or small tree to 5m. Leaves membranous, strongly aromatic when crushed, ovate, 9-13(-18) x 3-8(-12)cm, acute, base rounded, 3-veined above base but not strongly so, pinnately veined and often reticulate in upper part, glabrous; prtioles 1-2cm. Umbels 3-6, racemose on short leafless axillary shoots 1-1.5cm; peduncles slender 5-10mm, each umbel 4-8-flowered, pedicles 2-3mm. Perianth segments ovate, 1.5-2mm. Fruit broadly ellipsoid, c.5 x 4mm; perianth cup not enlarged, c 1mm across, baring withered remains of segments.
Fl. October-February
Cool broad-leaved and evergreen oak forests.
(Attributions- A.C.J Grierson & D.G Long. Flora of Bhutan. Published by RBGE. 1984 from Bhutan Biodiversity Portal)

Lindera neesiana (Wall. ex Nees) Kurz. : 9 posts by 3 authors. 5 images- 6 to 7 mb each.

Location: Latha Bhanjyang, Phulchoki, Lalitpur
Date: 20 June 2020
Elevation: 2114m.
Habitat: Wild

Thanks, …, for the wonderful images.

Fwd: SK1532 24 Oct 2018 : 15 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)- around 800 kb each.
Location:  Shivapuri National Park, Nepal 
Date: 25 August 2018
Elevation: 5800 ft.
Habit : Wild

Some friend suggested Litsea cubeba (Lour.) Pers..

May be so, …  Please check and verify.
I was thinking of Lauraceae (Litsea, Lindera, etc.).

Full marks to you …,Yes, Lindera neesiana (Wall. ex Nees) Kurz.;  Basionym: Benzoin neesianum Wall. ex Nees.

Thank you …!
Nepali Names : सिल टिमुर Sil Timur / पहेंलो खपटे Pahenlo Khapate / ठेकी फल  Thekee Phal

The website that you have referred to (POWO) is showing wrong authority.
India (North-east), Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and China.

I did not understand … Lindera neesiana (Blume) Kurz

Well, please look at the following link for correct author

That means POWO is also 100% reliable, is it …?

Well said !!  An improvised version of the Plat List only. 

SK 2305 22 November 2019 : 11 posts by 3 authors. 6 images – 2 to 7 mb each.

Location: Matatirtha, Kathmandu
Date: 19 October  2019
Elevation: 1801  m.
Habit : Wild

Attachments (2) – 2 & 4 mb.

Attachments (2) – 2 & 4 mb.

Attachments (1) – 7 mb.


I need to check properly.

Any idea about the family ?

Lindera neesiana (Wall. ex Nees) Kurz. !

I too agree with …


Lindera neesiana (Wall. ex Nees) Kurz: 2 images.

Location: Taplejung, East Nepal 
Date: July 2023
Elevation: 1700 m.
Habit : Wild
Images sent by Sajan Subedi, a friend.

Maybe as per GBIF specimens.

The identification is correct.

Lindera neesiana (Wall. ex Nees) Kurz: 5 very high res. images.

Location: Phulchoki, Kathmandu
Date:  20 November 2023
Elevation:  2332 m.
Habit : Wild.

Nepali Names : सिल टिमुर Sil Timur / ठेकी फूल Thekee Phool

Location: Taplejung, East Nepal
Habit : Wild
Images sent by Mr. Sajan Subedi !
8 very high res. images.




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