Cotoneaster lacteus W.W.Sm., 23 1917. (syn: Cotoneaster oligocarpus C. K. Schneider; Cotoneaster smithii G. Klotz; Pyrus lactea (W.W.Sm.) M.F.Fay & Christenh.; Pyrus smithii (G.Klotz) M.F.Fay & Christenh.);

China (Yunnan, Sichuan) as per Catalogue of Life;




Plant for ID 30/09/2011 SMP2: A shrub seen in flower beds roadside California Jun 2011 for ID.
Height 3-4 feet. Leaves hard coriaceous rough dark green.
Flowers in clustered cymes of size 10-15cm Individual flower a cm or small.
Is it from Rosaceae?

The closest I can think is Pyracanthus coccinea

I think your id is right Sir

pls see

any berries… though june may be too soon for themmm.. yet i am hoping you got one or two bunches…

also thorns, how can i forget thorns?

Another among the earlier uploads is Cotoneaster lacteus distnguished by broader leaves, somewhat wrinkled leaf surface and white underside of leaves.

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