Cyptotrama asprata (Berk.) Redhead & Ginns 1980 (Syn: Agaricus aspratus Berk. 1847; Armillaria asprata (Berk.) Petch 1910; Lepiota asprata (Berk.) Sacc. 1887; Mastocephalus aspratus (Berk.) Kuntze 1891; Xerula asprata (Berk.) Aberdeen 1962; Xerulina asprata (Berk.) Pegler 1972);      



Cyptotrama asperata submission : 7 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)- around 600 kb each. 

Here i am sharing some images of this beautiful saprophytic fungi new addition to group.
Cyptotrama asperata 
Golden-Scruffy Collybia
Family – Pysalacriaceae
Habitat – Temperate Moist forest
Altitude – 1500meters approximately
Photographed at Kullu District ,Himachal Pradesh
Dated – 3rdJuly2018

nice pictures. did you make a spores imprint?

Thanks … No although I have collected one of them but it’s cap got damaged so can’t manage to get sporeprint.

On search, correct spelling seems to be Cyptotrama asprata.

Thanks …, yes Cyptotrama asprata is correct spelling, sorry for mistake I think it get changed because of autocorrection mistake. 

Yes, this happens. 

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