Anthurium cupulispathum Croat & J.Rodr.Salvador, Aroideana 18: 63 1995 publ. 1996.;

Colombia to Ecuador as per WCSP;

Araceae seen inside the Conservatory with huge leaves.

Hope to get the Species id.

Ligularia tussilaginea  

Farfugium japonicum 

leopard plant

No, this is not Leopard Plant.
I have seen it in the same garden, will post it separately.
This is from Araceae, probably a Philodendron
There were many plants from Ecuador, Borneo and other parts of the world.

Could be Alocasia ‘Portadora’ or something close.

Ok, i will search again. Thank you correcting me

yes i found it. this is Anthurium cupulispathus

Yes, does look like it!

Anthurium cupulispathum Croat & J.Rodr.

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