Sphaeropteris intermedia (Mett.) R. M. Tryon (syn: Alsophila francii Rosenst.; Alsophila intermedia Mett.; Cyathea francii (Rosenst.) Domin; Cyathea intermedia (Mett.) Copel.);
New Caledonia as per Catalogue of Life;


Palm Tree for ID : Conservatory : Atlanta Botanical Garden : Atlanta, Georgia : 28NOV18 : AK-28 : 7 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
A palm seen inside the Conservatory last month.
Kindly help in id.

i think tree fern; Cyathea sp.

Thanks for the suggested id.
Could be Cyanthea cooperi? Just a guess.

Quite right to send it to me – of course “that ain’t no palm”, but a tree-fern! Cyathea species do, however, need a close up of the underneath of a pinnule to show hairs, small scales etc. My guess is it might be C. spinulosa, but that is itself a species-pair with a closely related cryptic second species – so the close-up is needed.

Thanks a lot for suggesting Cyathea Species. I could locate more pictures.

Hope its the same plant with one leaf turning yellow. Adding them.
Name suggests Cyathea intermedia.
Names have been clicked whenever easily visible.
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Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1 (Cyathea intermedia (Mett.) Copel.) Tropicos  IPNI