Callicarpa dichotoma (Lour.) K.Koch, Dendrologie 2(1): 336 1872. (syn: Callicarpa dichotoma f. albifructa Moldenke; Callicarpa gracilis Siebold & Zucc.; Callicarpa japonica var. angustifolia Sav.; Callicarpa japonica var. dichotoma (Lour.) Bakh.; Callicarpa purpurea Juss.; Porphyra dichotoma Lour.);

C. & S. Japan to Vietnam as per WCSP;
Alabama; China North-Central; China South-Central; China Southeast; Delaware;
Japan; Korea; Nansei-shoto; North Carolina; Taiwan; Vietnam; Virginia
as per Catalogue of Life;

Plant seen in the garden with White berries.

Callicarpa Species?

Could be Callicarpa dichotoma var. albifructa?

White Beautyberry

Appears close as per images at 

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