New Guinea; Solomon Is. as per Catalogue of Life;

Plant seen inside the Conservatory with pink flowers during my visit last month. (27.11.18)

It is not easy to make out, because obviously this is not an american orchid, neither it is Asian. At least I should know where it comes from? There are over 2500 spsecies of Dendrobiums in the world.

I was not even aware that this was an Orchid.
Will try to search further and get back to you if I find anything.



I could locate another picture with the name.

Can’t read it clearly though.
See if it helps.
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I think the label says Dendrobium trigonopus but it is surely not.

There are many plants growing close by, very difficult to find the details.
Plus all plants are not accessible, all the labels not visible easily.
It is very difficult.
I will keep searching.

I can fully understand because I also work in a botanic garden.

Dendrobium lawesii

Thanks a lot for the id. Hope to get it validated by our Orchid expert.

Yes. This has been identified by their Planthotline as Dendrobium lawesii.

My guess was correct??

Yes. Your guess was correct.