Buxus microphylla Siebold & Zucc., Abh. Math.-Phys. Cl. Königl. Bayer. Akad. Wiss. 4(2): 142 1845. (syn: Buxus obcordata Moore; Buxus obcordata-variegata Fortune; Buxus ovalifolia Siebold ex K.Koch; Buxus rotundifolia hort. ex K.Koch; Buxus sempervirens Thunb.; Buxus virens Thunb.);
known only in cultivation, India (I), Mexico (I) as per Catalogue of Life;
India: On dry rocks at 3500-4000 m altitudes. Uttarakhand; Japan and Taiwan as per BSI Flora of India;


Requesting ID of this cultivated plant – Mumbai :: 29082013 :: ARK-03 :: April 2013 : Attachments (8). 6 posts by 4 authors.
Requesting to please ID this cultivated plant from my pot garden in Mumbai in April 2013. The nursery from where I bought it gave its name as Boxwood.

is it not callestemone…?

I remember to have seen similar plants in USA in many places and they are used for topiary. I think your plant belongs to the genus Buxus (Buxus species). Buxus sempervirens  is very common therePlease check whether the characters tally with Buxus sps.

Plant for ID : Flower Show,Mumbai : 110812 : AK-3: Had seen this plant at the Flower Show held at Jijamata Udyan in Mumbai on 23/2/12.
Picture has not come out well so was rather reluctant to post it.
Was given the name, but I don’t seem to recollect it.
Any clues to the id?

If it is a herb then, it could be Sarcococca and if it is shrub then it could be some Buxus species.

This plant, posted earlier could also be Buxus Species as suggested by …

I think, it should be Buxus microphylla.

Seen at the Bonsai Show in MNP, Mumbai on 7/3/14.
Name given was Boxwood.
Very tiny leaves

I too have posted this plant but have not been able to get its ID.
It is a very common bonsai plant and is available in many nurseries.

On searching, it seems to be a Buxus species.

Could it be Buxus sempervirens?

No, I don’t think it is Buxus sempevirens
I will upload what I think is Buxus sempevirens tomorrow….

Buxus– some species in India & eFI with some keys

Please try Buxus papillosa which is commonly called Box-wood tree.

Thanks for a possible id.
Can you check for Buxus sinica?
Searching for the id given by you, I found this quite close to my plant.

I go for Buxus ?harlandii

Can this be Buxus microphylla?
For id confirmation please.

Buxus microphylla var. japonica


Buxus microphylla AT/JAN2019/03 : 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)

Attaching detailed photographs of Buxus microphylla (Cultivated)
October 2018


Garden Plant for ID : Nasik : 08JAN22 : AK – 11: 3 images.
Seen at a plant nursery in Nasik this week (8.1.22).
A cultivated plant.

I think from Polygonaceae

Check with Buxaceae ma’am, Buxus papillosa,

It seems to be the same plant I have posted earlier from a couple of plant exhibitions in Mumbai. Could we check with Buxus sempervirens?

Buxus microphylla suggested by the nursery owner.

With these ornamentals that is the problem ma’am,bwe don’t where they were brought from, unique species or crossed don’t know,

Very true, totally agree with you.

It does not look like a Polygonaceae member to me.

Yes, definitely not from Polygonsceae. It was identified as Buxus microphylla from the person at the nursery.


Ornamental Shrub for id:: NS September 2022- 01: 4 images- 1 high res.

This potted shrub was recorded from a herbal garden in Haryana…
I think it is a Buxus sp.
Can we go further with these pics?

Pl. check https://efloraofindia.com/2013/09/25/buxus/

Buxus wallichiana Baill. ??

I think close to images and details at Buxus microphylla Siebold & Zucc. rather than those at Buxus wallichiana Baill.



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