Ruellia chartacea (T. Anders.) D.C. Wassh., Opera Bot. 92: 265 1987. (syn: Aphelandra chartacea T. Anders.; Ruellia colorata Baill.);
Colombia (Amazonas, Cauca, Putumayo), Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico (I) as per Catalogue of Life;

Common name: Peruvian Wild Petunia, Red Shrimp Plant, Lobster claw

Plant seen inside the Conservatory.

This has been identified by their Planthotline as Ruellia colorata.

Please, also look at Ruellia chartacea.  

I gave the id as Ruellia colorata based on the id given on their Planthotline.
I believe Ruellia colorata is a Syn of Ruellia chartacea or vice a versa.
Please correct me if wrong.

Thank you. Yes, you are correct that Ruellia colorata is a synonym for R. chartacea. Unfortunately, R. colorata is also a syn. for Hemigraphis alternata/H. colorata which has now been changed to Strobilanthes alternata. Oh, how the accepted names keep changing!! 

In fact, there are four Ruellia colorata from four different authors and each of them is a syn. of some accepted species as per Catalogue of Life.
I think … is talking of Ruellia colorata Baill., which is a syn. of Ruellia chartacea (T. Anders.) D.C. Wassh.

Yes. I was surprised to see it in Flowersofindia also.