Quercus ilex L., Sp. Pl. 995 1753. (syn: Quercus alpina Endl.; Quercus ballota var. grandifolia Colmeiro; Quercus ballota var. obovatifolia Colmeiro; Quercus bellota Colmeiro & E.Boutelou; Quercus castellana Poir.; Quercus cookii Loudon; Quercus crispa K.Koch; Quercus cyclophylla Welw. ex Nyman; Quercus expansa Poir.; Quercus fagifolia K.Koch; Quercus fordii (Loudon) Carr; Quercus glauca Martrin-Donos & Timb.-Lagr. [Illegitimate]; Quercus gracilis Lange [Illegitimate]; Quercus gramuntia L.; Quercus ilex f. ambigua (Albert) C.Vicioso …………………………..; Quercus ilicifolia Salisb. [Illegitimate]; Quercus integrifolia Steud.; Quercus laurei Coutange; Quercus marcetii Pau; Quercus mixta Reyn. [Illegitimate]; Quercus montserratensis (Svent. & Marcet) Svent. & Marcet; Quercus murbeckii Sennen; Quercus oblonga K.Koch; Quercus prasina Pers.; Quercus pseudoilex Chatin; Quercus rotundifolia f. expansa (Poir.) F.M.Vázquez; Quercus sempervirens Mill.; Quercus sinuata Martrin-Donos & Timb.-Lagr. [Illegitimate]; Quercus smilax L.; Quercus smilax var. fordii (Loudon) Halácsy; Quercus variifolia Sweet);

SC. & S. Europe to Turkey as per WCSP;

Albania; Baleares; Corse; Cyprus; Czechoslovakia; East Aegean Is.; France; Great
Britain; Greece; Italy; Kriti; Lebanon-Syria; New Zealand North; New Zealand
South; Palestine; Portugal; Sardegna; Sicilia; Spain; Switzerland; Turkey;
as per Catalogue of Life;


BND 43 4/11/14 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1).

Please ID this small tree. Photo was taken in Sri Lanka in Dec 2012.

This is most likely a Quercus sp. ..

Quercus species in eFloraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ Biotik/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available)

It is a species of Quercus

Appears close to images at Quercus oblongata D.Don
Distribution: W. Pakistan, Himalaya (Kumaun to Nepal), Ceylon, ?Burma as per Annonated checklist of the flowering plants of Nepal

Most probably Quercus ilex (Holm oak).   

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