Juniperus horizontalis Moench, Methodus 699 1794. (syn: Juniperus horizontalis subsp. neopangaea Silba; Juniperus hudsonica J. Forbes; Juniperus prostrata Pers.; Juniperus repens Nutt.; Juniperus sabina Michx.; Juniperus sabina var. humilis Hook.; Juniperus sabina var. procumbens Pursh; Juniperus virginiana var. prostrata (Pers.) Torr.; Sabina horizontalis (Moench) Rydb.; Sabina prostrata (Pers.) Antoine;      

Subarctic America to N. U.S.A. as per WCSP;

Boreal and Subarctic North America, from Alaska (disjunct) to Newfoundland, more
scattered further south in the USA
as per Catalogue of Life;



Garden Plant for ID : Atlanta, Georgia : 23JAN19 : AK-50 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
Garden plant seen in Atlanta.


It may be Juniperus horizontalis aka Blue Rug Juniper or similar. 

Thanks for the id. It looked similar to me as well.

I guess … is right .

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