Polygonatum odoratum (Mill.) Druce,  Ann. Scott. Nat. Hist. 1906: 226 1906. (syn: Convallaria angulosa Lam.; Convallaria compressa Steud.; Convallaria obtusifolia Günther ex Steud.; Convallaria odorata Mill.; Convallaria parviflora Poir.; Convallaria polygonata St.-Lag. [Spelling variant]; Convallaria polygonatum L.; Convallaria polygonatum f. attenuata Borbás; Convallaria rupestris Salisb. [Illegitimate]; Evallaria polygonatum (L.) Neck. [Invalid]; Polygonatum ambiguum Link ex Schult. & Schult.f.; Polygonatum anceps Moench; Polygonatum angulosum Bubani [Illegitimate]; Polygonatum angulosum Montandon; Polygonatum langyaense D.C.Zhang & J.Z.Shao; Polygonatum obtusifolium Weinm.; Polygonatum odoratum var. ambiguum J.F.Macbr. ……; Polygonatum officinale All.; Polygonatum officinale var. ambiguum (Link ex Schult. & Schult.f.) Nyman; Polygonatum officinale var. papillosum Franch.; Polygonatum polygonatum Jiraselk ex Schult. & Schult.f. [Invalid]; Polygonatum polygonatum (L.) Voss [Invalid]; Polygonatum sigillum Druce [Illegitimate]; Polygonatum simizui Kitag.; Polygonatum uniflorum Gilib. [Invalid]; Polygonatum vulgare Desf.);

Europe to Japan as per WCSP;



Garden Plant for ID : Atlanta, Georgia : 27JAN19 : AK-66 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

Garden plant seen in a cultivated garden.

Could be Polygonatum?

yes could be solomons seal 

i suspect it is variegated though your picture seems washed out
if it was 
Polyganatum odoratum 
flowers would have been better 

Thanks for the id and additional info. 

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