This shrub is from Cherapunji, Meghalaya. I came aross this in the forest cover (November08).
Looks like some Gardenia Sp.

This could be the wild form of Gardenia jasminoides (var. jasminoides).

I doubt. May I know the basis for this identification?
Please see this also

I am also not convinced. It is not satisfactorily matching to G. jasminoides.
I have been waiting for more comments…

gardenia sp alright but which one?

Tamilnadia uliginosa,

For me it looks it does not tally with the images of T.ulginosa in the NET

Jasminum sp. ??

Any possibility of Jasminum attenuatum Roxb. ex G.Don syn : Jasminum subglandulosum Kurz ??

It doesn’t look Gardenia.

Looks different from images at Jasminum attenuatum


Cherapunji, Meghalaya– November08; PKA110909-ID request.. – indiantreepix | Google Groups