Plant for ID : Atlanta Botanical Garden : Atlanta, Georgia : 31DEC18 : AK-44 : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)
Plant seen at the garden.

Please also look at Alpinia; possibly A. zerumbet.

To me looks different from images at Alpinia zerumbet

The inflorescence of Hedychium looks close to me. I have sent the picture to the garden’s Planthotline.
Hope the id is resolved.

This has been identified by the garden’s Planthotline as Hedychium coccineum.
Looks convincing to me.

PLEASE listen to me with an open mind. this is not personal but science. coccineum means scarlet, red etc. Does your dried up inflorescence look scarlet or give any indication that there is any scarlet in it.??? Looks brownish, violet wilts to brown, red wilts to brown, pink wilts to brown,

green wilts to brown, heck, even white wilts to brown. some pink and white flowers wilt first to pink and then brown… (this inflorescence has one reddish/pinkish hue on one floret). can you swear that the wilted flowers were scarlet? and that their form and anatomy was that of real Hedychium coccineum flowers? be reasonable.
its diagnosis is possibly Hedychium sp not otherwise classified.
ps if the hotline said its h. coccineum, they may have the seed packet/ bulb packet, may be one of them planted it. if they are the volunteers,
may be they can send you a picture of the packet. if they do, we can revise our diagnosis. hope that helps