Eurybia spectabilis (Sol. ex Aiton) G.L.Nesom, Phytologia 77 262 1995. (syn: Aster bellidiflorus Steud. (ambiguous synonym); Aster commixtus (Nees) Kuntze; Aster elegans Willd. (ambiguous synonym); Aster smallii Alexander; Aster speciosus Hornem. (ambiguous synonym); Aster spectabilis Dryand. ex Ait. (ambiguous synonym); Aster spectabilis var. cinerascens S. F. Blake; Aster spectabilis var. suffultus Fern.; Biotia commixta (Nees) DC.; Eurybia commixta Nees);     
USA (Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New
Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina,
as per Catalogue of Life;

Wild plant with pale tiny violet flowers seen on a mountain slope.

purple wood aster or Eurybia spectabilis because i think i see a purplish hue to these” getting old”, past their prime flowers. if they were white they would be white wood asters or E. divaricate. this l would be more common in georgia woods though purple one have invaded south from ny and ct. if you have more pictures of these, please send them in for a little color comparison 



Thanks a lot for the info. I could locate more pictures showing the color. Hope these help.

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This is perfect, thank you!