Ruspolia hypocrateriformis (Vahl) Milne-Redh., Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1936: 270 1936. (syn: Eranthemum affine Spreng.; Eranthemum hypocrateriforme (Vahl) R. Br. ex Roem. & Schult.; Justicia hypocrateriformis Vahl; Pseuderanthemum affine K. Schum.; Ruspolia pseuderanthemoides Lindau; Siphoneranthemum hypocrateriforme (Vahl) Kuntze);  

Uganda, Kenya, Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria,
Cameroon, Central African Republic, D.R. Congo (Zaire), Ethiopia, Djibouti,
Somalia, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Trinidad & Tobago (I)
as per Catalogue of Life;


Seen this climbing Shrub in Mumbai.
Date/Time: 27-10-2013 / 11:30AM
Location: Mumbai
Habitat: Cultivated
Kindly help me with the ID…

Pseuderanthemum species in efi so far.

I had seen similar flowers in Blue color in Sri Lanka.
Tried searching.
The closest I could find was Pseuderanthemum hildebrandtii.
This is just a suggested id.

One such flower is there  – 

Please add Ruspolia in your search, species like also look similar. But, as you say a climbing shrub, I do not know if Pseuderanthemum can be climber. On the other hand Ruspolia (syn. Pseuderanthemum, Eranthemum) can be climber or liana.

First, I missed the word “climbing” in my 1st reply mail.

2nd, Pseuderanthemum hilderbrandtii Lindau (syn. Eranthemum hilderbrandtii C.B. Clarke) is a shrub of 3 to 6 ft.
3rd, Ruspolia seticalyx (C.B. Clarke) Milne-Redh. is also a shrub or sub-shrub
One Ruspolia hypocrateriformis (Vahl) Milne-Redh. which or var. australis of which is a straggling shrub as per commercial web sites.


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