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Ages ago this forum was most kind and helped me id several plants from India. I quickly became aware that it had many very learned Botanists living world wide willing to help.
I hope you can again help.
Taken January 2019. Mauritius tree with interesting pods.
Apologies if I have not done post in the  expected /proper/normal format.

Looking very close to Paraserianthes lophantha.



Thank you for your suggestion … The flowers and leaves look very similar.

However on www the green unripe seed pods are not fringed as in my mystery plant. 
I have added 4 further pics showing the pods.
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Identified. For information…….this tree has been identified for me by Lila Pereszke from Budapest, Hungary as……Gagnebina pterocarpa.
Thanks again …

this is amazing. pictures of the leaves and pods with double wings of Gagnebina pterocarpa. thank you for a complete (almost,) set  of pictures
if you had habit ie the entire tree. its habitat surroundings and stem/trunk and bark. it would be complete.
regardless, its an endangered acacia of mauritius is what surmise from snippets on the internet.
tell me was this a lonely tree or was this seen in several places? many places? all over? in mauritius?
what amazes me is that thousands of indians vacation in/on mauritius land and beaches. none seem to have taken a picture and sent it in to us 
or in to any of the social media. how interesting!!! if they had it would show up in google images.
Thank you for submitting this case originally it had sent me on a wild ride, but to no avail.



18 images.

I am so sorry…I tried to add all my pics but it hasn’t worked. Nor could I type anything in. I am finding this site very hard to use.

… this small tree was growing in the grounds near our hotel…on the North east coast of Mauritius. It caught my eye.
There were other interesting shrubs/trees in the same area.
I have full selection from leaves to pods etc…but for some reason they do not seem to be showing.
When I have finished editing, naming my 2400 plant pics I will add them to Flickr under my name of Plantaholic Sheila… there I have a library of over 63,000.. labelled with full Latin name where possible.
I also posted a question on University of British Columbia… Vancouver where … is also a contributor.


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