Gentiana decemfida var. aprica (Decne.) C. B. Cl. (syn: Gentiana aprica Decne.; Gentiana listeri Burkill; Gentianodes aprica (Decne.) S. Omer, S. I. Ali & M. Qaiser; Varasia aprica (Decne.) J. Sojak);
Nepal, NW-India, Pakistan (Hazara, Pakistani Punjab), Jammu & Kashmir
(Poonch, ?Jammu)
as per Catalogue of Life;


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Please help to confirm this Gentiana species
It looks close to Gentiana argentea but it’s altitudinal range is low at about 700metres amsl and plants are also taller.
Photographed at Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh
Dated – 11/3/2017

I have also recorded this species recently from Mussoorie… waiting for specific id 

Gentiana aprica now G. decemfida to me.


I am enclosing few pics of the same for confirmation, this forms an addition to our database I think.. these pics were recorded from near Kamptie Fall Area, Mussoorie..

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Thanks …, its matching with Gentiana decemfida herbarium image, and the beautiful images provided by Nidhan sir is definitely of the same species.

Its Gentiana decemfida var. aprica
Synonyms – Gentianodes aprica.
Also mentioned in Flora of H.P. from Hamirpur.
Here’s the link from GBIF along with herbarium image

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