Malus ‘Prairifire’ ?;


Tree for ID : Atlanta, Georgia : 09NOV18 : AK-3 : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
Tree seen in Atlanta last month during my visit.

A small tree with many fruits in bunches.

Are these Crab Apples?
Experts kindly help.

Please look at Crataegus commonly known as Hawthorn. There are several varieties. It would help to see photos of the cut fruit if possible, Crabapple seeds would be in multiples of 5; Hawthorn can have 2-3 seeds. Also, were there any thorns on the tree?

Thanks a lot for suggesting Crataegus.

There were no thorns on the tree as far as I can remember. Cut fruit will be difficult now as I”m miles away from Atlanta. Thee pictures were taken during my visit last month.
I’m adding a picture of the whole tree if it helps.
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Can we have a look at Malus John Downie?
The fruits look close to my pictures.
Just a guess.

To me looks different from images at 

When I research Malus John Downie I am seeing results from the UK so probably not.
I looked to see which crabapple trees so well in the hot weather in Atlanta and find that Prairiefire is often suggested.
There are many different varieties of crabapple that would grow well in the Atlanta area and many look similar..

Not a problem.
Thanks for the additional information about Crabapples in Atlanta.


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