Bush for ID : Atlanta, Georgia : 17JAN19 : AK-33 : 16 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (4)
Cultivated bush seen in Atlanta in the 4th week of Oct,18.

Tiny white flowers.

More similar to Lawsonia inermis 

Thanks … May be from same family. Will search further.

Have you looked at Euonymus?

If possible please send close up of flowers? Its flower structure don’t matched with Lawsonia inermis. its flowers somewhat matched with Viburnum sp. 

weren’t Euonymus flowers four petalled? here they seem to be five though flowers are not in good focus

I will crop the picture of flowers and add.

Pictures not very clear.

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i know they wont be. i enlarged them after downloading etc etc as i do with most of your pictures that i need to see details in. its a lot of work when things are not in focus and then to clean up the hard disk of trash, that too!

so please take pity on this old lady and take better pictures please! i know you can, i have seen your good pictures.

You will agree with me that none of us would like to take a bad picture. At times, it just happens. All the pictures we click may not be perfect. Sometimes the camera is not able to capture properly, specially when the flowers are tiny like in this case. I will always try my best, at times it may not be up to the mark.

yes. white ones have that have problem. thats why when in rush like you were in, try to shield the light ie make darkness by blocking light with your own body or hat or scarf whatever is handy. i sometimes even get a relative to put their hands out for a second or two or even a passer by. works. most people are helpful. another color that is a problem is yellow …same reason as white and red … it never really comes up correct in digital esp if using point and shoot or iPhone. those are the problems. we have to deal with it/them and develop our own strategies. good luck

Thanks for the tips. Will keep in mind.

needs better picture of stamens … leaves make me think of copper top Cleyera,

ps i wrote this morning but did not post because … had asked for close up of flowers…. decided to wait…

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