Shrub with red berries, turning black when ripe.

Pictures taken on 21st Oct,18.

Something like Lonicera ?

most likely not lonicera. lonicera berries in real life have a sort of glow about them, the fruit skin being very thin, look almost translucent and are almost always in a pair

Yes I had seen them in New Windsor, New York during earlier visit. Red berries in pairs.

Had posted them earlier.

don’t remember your case but i remember thousands and thousands of them as we citizen volunteers guided by the parks department systematically uprooted japanese honeysuckle vines along parklands and rivers in ny. they are not native and disturb local flora was the reason for the drive over several years. i wish we had not done it so successfully. lonicera is now a hot topic in plant medicine and will be very lucrative!!! alas.

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