Austrocylindropuntia subulata subsp. exaltata (A. Berger) D.R. Hunt (syn: Austrocylindropuntia exaltata (A. Berger) Backeb.; Opuntia exaltata A. Berger; Opuntia subulata var. exaltata (A. Berger) G.D. Rowley);


Euphorbia Cactus for ID : Nairobi,Kenya : 311012 : AK-2: 6 images.
A cactus seen on 26/1/2009 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Height was about 6-8 feet.
It was really amazing to see a Sunbird make a nest in the prickles.
Id please.

Euphorbia and cacti are two different animals… ()
they arise in different continents
they either have (euphorbia) or not have (cacti) milky sap…
(that sap is often pro-inflammaotory or downright deadly)…
the thorns are not truly arising out of a specific organ on the skin of the green bark…
often its an appendage to leaf… as in this plant you have
in cacti they are specific areas called areoles on the skin of the cacti that give rise to the thorns …
and I personally would like to think that the cacti thorns are very symmetrically arranged , even invoking the sunflower mathematical model of design… related to the sacred geometry…
euphorbias that I have … can have symmetrically placed thorns but no real mathematical modelling that I have seen…
most important is the sap…
the sap in some euphorbias have been used in AYURVEDIC medicine as source of strong alkali capable of cutting thru (slowly albeit) scarred walls of abscess etc…
Your euphorbia seems to be …. I wish I knew
Hopefully somebody would
I typed tis thrre days ago … saved it in draft hoping someone would over the week end… but… may be they are busy with diwqali prepn…

Is it possible to check this one too? Pair of spines makes me think it could be Euphorbia.

Its surely primitive CactaceaeOpuntia, see fruit

After getting the clue of Opuntia, I did a further search.
The closest I could come to is Cane Cactus, Opuntia cylindrica.

This is my post from Nairobi. A Sunbird had made a nest in it.

yes. pic 2 has the beginning of the flat palm of the hand like opuntia “leaf” and lush green “bud” for lack of an appropriate name.
may be is a matter of availability of water but this looks very different in several ways from … plant from juraasic park. habitat difference?
only a cactus expert can tell. i cant. not today. 
ps love the sunbird and that you got its pictures

Thanks … Frankly, I am not familiar with cactii.
Looking at your plants, they look different from mine. It could be because of difference in vegetative phase – but I am totally naive about these.

I agree with you. the thorns size placement and density. the tubular structure. the branching pattern and underground spreading in your pictures seem different and unique

My plant is obviously different.

… post just reminded me of this post.
To me, it looks closer to Cane Cactus, Opuntia cylindrica.

i don’t think its an opuntia. just as different cancers // tomors behave differently. look different. grow differently. opuntia grows differently. its not this

Thanks … Let us hope you too would get ID soon for your posted plant.

Also check with Austrocylindropuntia subulata

Thanks … Looks close.

Can we check for Opuntia exalta A. Berger? Or its a Syn?

Austrocylindropuntia subulata subsp. exaltata (A.Berger) D.R.Hunt is the synonym for Opuntia exaltata A.Berger.