Bismarckia nobilis ?;

3 images.

Photographed in Bangalore city, inside an apartment complex.

It was part of the landscaping.

Is it Washingtonia Robusta?

No. looks different from Washingtonia robusta

Pl. check Thrinax parviflora Sw. as per images and details herein.
I am not sure. 
Can you send an image of the full trunk?

Images of trunk attached.
2 images.

Maybe  Bismarckia nobilis Hildebr. & H.Wendl.  as per images and details herein.

But I am not sure.

Bismarkia nobilis has bluish, leaves.

Doesn’t look like Bismarckia nobilis or like Thrinax parviflora.

Thank you … and … for your inputs. I could not reply in more detail since I was travelling.

As … mentioned, it is unlikely to be Bismarkia nobilis, since this tree had green leaves.

I also checked out Thrinax parviflora Sw. The leaves look broader and drooping towards the end. So it’s unlikely to be Thrinax parviflora Sw.

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