Anthurium watermaliense L.H.Bailey & Nash, Stand. Cycl. Hort. 303 1914. ?;

Costa Rica to Colombia as per WCSP;

Araceae plant seen inside the Conservatory.

Looks like Anthurium Species.

Anthurium ??

Anthurium ‘Black Queen‘ may be 

the shape of the spathe and color are quite different
its not Anthurium black queen 

It is a nice color to see in a spathe but such an incomplete case. leaves a lot out and takes a lot out of people trying to help. we all are also very busy with family just like … dont have time  

but its been more than 10 days and  i was not about to ignore my innate giving impulse. 

this is a rare Anthurium. I have seen it in either MoBot in St Louis or some other midwest botanical gardens. many many years ago. planted as a curiosity. again in the glass houses.  

so searching found it

a pdf describes this group in details  

Two of the several described  somewhat look like these partial photos

Figure Number 4: Anthurium watermaliense

Figure Number 5 Anthurium bantanum 

there are finer points to differentiate the two. 

not possible here. 

But playing odds numbers game

the Black Prince Anthurium is the most popular and sold in the gardening trade as you can see even ebay and amazon sell them and that is Anthurium watermaliense

But the salient features described here can not be discerned //are not seen in theis case at least i have not.  

so my diagnosis: Anthurium with black spathe, (possibly Anthurium watermaliense) and that’s being generous, bringing it out of the basket of Anthurium dubia.   

a few more complete pictures would have made this case very unique and enjoyable

The Planthotline of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens has suggested this to be Anthurium cabrerense ‘Black Spathe’. 

You may also check the publication on black spathe species at

Thanks for the link.
I will check.