Cantharellus cibarius Fr., 1821 (syn: Agaricus alectorolophoides Schaeff., 1774; Agaricus chantarellus Bolton, 1788 (ambiguous synonym); Agaricus chantarellus L., 1753 (ambiguous synonym); Alectorolophoides cibarius (Fr.) Earle, 1909; Cantharellus alborufescens (Malençon) Papetti & S. Alberti, 1999; Cantharellus carneoalbus R. Heim, 1960; Cantharellus cibarius var. albidus Maire, 1937 …………….; Cantharellus cibarius subsp. umbrinus R. Heim, 1960; Cantharellus edulis Sacc., 1916; Cantharellus neglectus (M. Souché) Eyssart. & Buyck, 2000; Cantharellus pallens Pilát, 1959; Cantharellus rufipes Gillet, 1874; Cantharellus vulgaris Gray, 1821; Chanterel alectorolophoides (Schaeff.) Murrill, 1910; Chanterel chantarellus (L.) Murrill, 1910; Craterellus cibarius (Fr.) Quél., 1888; Merulius alectorolophoides (Schaeff.) J. F. Gmel., 1792; Merulius chantarellus (L.) Scop., 1772; Merulius cibarius (Fr.) Westend., 1849);
Belize; Cameroon; Florida; France; Great Britain; Italy; Kerala; North Carolina;
Ontario; Spain; Zambia
as per Catalogue of Life;



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Location: Pharping, Nepal
Date: 4 February 2017
Altitude: 1415 m.

Habit : Wild 

I am hoping you have another picture of the gill surface… if not then please examine them next time… because if they are false gills then it belongs to the Cantharellus sp also known as chanterelles…. they’re considered as edible and tasty… 🙂

Sorry, I have no more images.

to me it looks like Cantharellus cibarius

There is much more information in German
but I don’t know if the trees under which this grows normally, an be fopund in Nepal, and if these trees were to be found in the surroundings.
Principally, one needs much more information to identify a mushroom, just the location name and the date is not enough.
I think, Indian experts should better be consulted.



Found some more images.          

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they are all. Cantharellus cibarius

they are very good edible mushrooms. precious, highly appreciated in the german cuisine.