Juniperus virginiana L., Sp. Pl. 1039 1753. (syn: Juniperus alba Knight ex Carrière; Juniperus arborescens Moench; Juniperus argentea Gordon & Glend.; Juniperus bedfordiana Loudon; Juniperus cannartii K.Koch; Juniperus chamberlaynii Carrière; Juniperus cinerascens K.Koch; Juniperus dioica Carrière; Juniperus fragrans Knight; Juniperus gossainthanea Lodd. ex Lindl. & Gordon; Juniperus nutans Beissn.; Juniperus polymorpha Beissn.; Juniperus smithipendula Beissn.; Juniperus virginiana f. bremerae Standl. & J.F.Macbr.; Juniperus virginiana subsp. crebra (Fernald & Griscom) A.E.Murray; Juniperus virginiana var. crebra Fernald & Griscom; Juniperus virginiana f. reptans Beissn.; Juniperus virginiana var. vulgaris Endl.; Sabina alba (Knight ex Carrière) Antoine; Sabina fragrans (Knight) Antoine; Sabina glauca Antoine; Sabina gossainthanea (Lodd. ex Lindl. & Gordon) Antoine; Sabina virginiana var. crebra (Fernald & Griscom) Moldenke);
SE. Canada to Central & E. U.S.A., Mexico (Coahuila) as per POWO;

Garden Plant for ID : Atlanta, Georgia : 25JAN19 : AK-58 : 13 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (3)

Garden plant seen in Atlanta in Oct,18.

Looks like from Cupressaceae family.

Yes its Juniperus sp.

Family : Cupressaceae

yes juniper. white relatively large berries. but any further, i dont know. sorry

Thanks … Just a guess….. Could be Juniperus bermudiana?

Or Juniperus virginiana?

This seems more likely.

I think difficult to pin point the species of Juniperus. I think habit picture may be important for this.
Looks different from images of Juniperus virginiana:

Did you step back and take a photo of the area so we may see the size and form?

Thank you … for asking the same view and question I keep asking for the last several years. thanks. again lets see if we can get people in the habit of taking pictures of the habit, pun intended. and the habitat

Without more information or more images, all we can do is throw guesses at this plant. The cones in Aarti’s image appear to be unripe so we do not know what color they will be at maturity.
If this is a landscape plant it may not be the Juniperus virginiana as that grows to be a rather large tree; not a good choice for a mixed border.

Juniperus chinensis var. sargentii is a possibility but without more information, it’s anyone’s guess.

Thanks for letting me know the differences.
Unfortunately, these are the only pictures I have.

Let’s leave it as Juniperus Species as of now, unless we have an expert who can identify it.

Juniperus virginiana L. ??


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