The next Tree Appreciation Walk is on 10th March 2019 at Talzan, Charkop.

Talzan is a unique place-where tropical forest meets mangrove forest and jungle becomes mangal. One side there is a hillock full of tropical forest trees while the other side is a mangrove forest. In-between lies the water body full of Lotus!

So, we shall show you few plants of tropical forest like Red Silk Cotton [Bombax ceiba], Tambat [Flacourtia indica], Moi [Lannea coromandelica], Khirni [Manilkara hexandra], Babul [Acacia nilotica], Black Current Tree [Antidesma ghaesembilla]……some mangrove species like Black Mangrove, Grey Mangrove, Milky Mangrove, River Mangrove and to top it all some aquatic plants like Lotus,Cat Tail…..

We are going to concentrate on mangroves so kindly download mangrove app by Godrej and go through it.

As you know, sighting of Great Bittern in January this year has made Charkop a birder’s paradise!  It was last seen in 1939,exactly 80 years ago.  The avalanche of birders have made Talzan almost O.D.F.!….and now it is easy to take trail !

Date         :  10th March 2019 at 8 a.m.

Duration :  2 hours

Meeting Point: Last bus stop of Bus No. 276 Charkop Sector 8

Bus starts from Kandivali Station [West side] & get down at the last stop.  If you come by Rickshaw say Sector8 Charkop last bus stop.

Note: On Google Map direction is given.

Please carry water, wear cap and proper shoes.

Google Maps Link to the Meeting Point: 

Registration is compulsory. Only 25 people are allowed as Renee is not able to join and I am alone. It will be first come first served.

The list of the plants is enclosed


TAW Team

N.B. Mili  Shetty from Charkop with her team of supporters like Vasundhara Club  has been conducting cleanup drives in Charkop &  the dividend has paid off. God bless them!

The registration for this walk is over in one day sorry can’t register anymore
Thanks for the quick response

TAW Team