ID of mushroom from Meghalaya: Can you throw some light on the identification of the images of the mushroom attached with this mail. We think that it is Fistulina hespidata. Is the identification correct? The mushroom was collected from Shillong, Meghalaya and is a edible one.

there should be some more information, as to where it was found, and cut it and show the cross section.
Just from the shape, I feel it could be Fistulina hepatica I don’t know Fistulina hespidata. Fistulina hepatica is edible, when young. Your mushroom shows some green bluish fingerpress. Was it growing on a tree trunk? which tree?
I am not sure about the identification, neither yours nor meins.

Thanks for all the efforts that you have put forth.
1. It was collected from Shillong, Meghalaya.
2. If that is absolutely necessary, I would cut and attach CS image.
3.Yes, this particular specimen is edible and a popular diet amongst Shillong and Khasi-Jaintia Hills people.
4. No it doesn’t grow on tree. It grows on soil.
5.The upper part is velvety.
I will make arrangements for the CS and send it across asap.

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