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Yellow mushroom for ID.
Hemispherical shaped  white Pileus, Veil remnants on the cap – yellow to orange  (probably young mushrooms), 11 nos in cluster,, white stipes (~0.35mm) appear slender, 
Habitat:  dark, damp soil, forest floor, (I had to use camera flash),  humid weather,  found close to a tree branch but not attached to it, guess they belong to Mycorrhiza (Not sure whether the tree was alive or dead),  no photographs of ring , volva,  mycelium, gills, pores,  etc . Odor: not tried, Taste:  won’t risk,   
Height: 3-5cm. Cap ~3cm.
Place: Top Slip Anaimalais  (Elephant hills) , Western ghats, Tamil Nadu
(the reason why Top Slip got its name is because huge logs of teak wood used to be slipped to the plains below)
Date: 06Dec2009 11:56 AM

I hope this some species of Armillaria sp but not at all Armillaria mellea (Honey Fungus).


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