Date/Time :

08 Nov 2008 11:35

Location- Place, altitude and GPS:

Singapura, Western ghats, Hill region, Reserve forest

Between Palakkad and Mukkali (Silent Valley),  Kerala, 3000 feet, 

Habitat- garden/ urban/wild/type:

Wild, edges of a forest stream

Plant Habit-tree/shrub/climber/herb:

Mushroom, On a fallen tree, getting decomposed 


~ 3 inches width 

Mushroom Cap (Pileus) Shape/ color 

-White  colors, Almost flat cap, 

Stipe/ Stalk/Stem-/colour/height/

 Not observed


 White gills ?

I hope this is Favolus tenuiculus.!!

To a lay person it looks like wild oyster mushrooms. Attaching a link so that the knowledgeable could come to a conclusion.

To me also this seems to be Favolus tenuiculus.

To confirm whether it is Favolus or not we need to see the underside. In these pics in a few of the fruiting bodies I can see gills. I also feel its shape is similar to Pleurotus. May be it is some sp. of Pleurotus (oyster mushroom).

Pleurotus ?

Or Crepidotus species (?) as per

Seems white spored.
If it is then not Crepidotus for sure.


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