Strange fungus.: 9 images. My friend  …, has forwarded few photos of a Mushroom(?) and its description in his own words is forwarded. Place is outskirts of Mysore city, Karnataka.

What is your opinion on the enclosed photos? A mushroom found in an almost dark room. Growing on cement. There is only a 1mm crack in the cement between the floor and the wall. Some red clay soil is found down there under the floor. There is hardly any nutrition and light for this mushroom to grow. It is 32 cm.s wide. Daughter mushrooms are growing on top of this mother mushroom!

Some kind of polypore… can’t get a close look of the underside… but maybe … could tell us more…

The fungus looks like some Trametes to me. Normally they grow on old wood, in this case there may be something in the crack in the cement, which makes the Fungus grow there. Though dark, perhaps there is enough moisture there.
Strange indeed.