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SK1631 07 Dec 2018 : 12 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (6)- around 600 kb each.

Location Gyaneswor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Elevation :  4500 ft.
Date 9 June 2018
Habit : Wild

Superficially resembles Polypogon monspeliensis

Polypogon fugax Nees ex Steud. ??

More close to Polypogon sp. I suggest two species for checking Polypogon fugax and Polypogon viridis.

I have suggested Polypogon fugax in earlier mail. Need validation now.

Pl. also check Polypogon monspeliensis, the only species so far in this genus in efi site.

Polypogon fugax


SK 2847 13 November 2020 – Grass : 5 very high resolution images.
Location: Kathmandu Valley
Date:  October 2020 
Elevation: 1900m.
Habitat  : Wild

Check with Eragrostis ciliaris

… has idenifed as Polypogon fugax Nees ex Steud.
Nepali names : झ्याप्ले घाँस Jhyaaple Ghaans/ खरायो पाईले Kharaayo Paaile

Yes, …, hoping … is correct,

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