Lycoperdon perlatum Pers., 1796 (syn: Lycoperdon bonordenii Massee, 1887; Lycoperdon gemmatum Batsch, 1783; Lycoperdon gemmatum var. perlatum (Pers.) Fr., 1829; Lycoperdon lacunosum Bull., 1782; Lycoperdon perlatum var. albidum Alb. & Schwein., 1805; Lycoperdon perlatum var. bonordenii (Massee) Perdeck, 1950; Lycoperdon perlatum var. dobremezianum Kreisel, 1976; Lycoperdon perlatum var. lacunosum (Bull.) Rea, 1922 (ambiguous
synonym); Lycoperdon perlatum var. lacunosum Pers., 1801 (ambiguous synonym); Lycoperdon perlatum var. perlatum Pers., 1796)?;




SK 2609 12 April 2020 – Mycophyta : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2) – 800 kb each.

Location: Kakani, Nuwakot
Date: 20 June 2018
Elevation: 2000 m.

Habit : Wild
Not sure if I have posted it earlier. I could not find in the mailing is!

Lycoperdon sp.

Lycoperdon cf.perlatum

Lycoperdon perlatum!

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