Haematomma ventosum (L.) A. Massal., Ricerche sull’autonomia dei licheni crostosi: 33, fig. 54 (1852) (syn: Lichen ventosus L.; Verrucaria ventosa (L.) Hoffm.; Parmelia ventosa (L.) Ach.; Patellaria ventosa (L.) DC.; Patellaria ventosa (L.) DC.; Lecanora ventosa (L.) Ach.; Rinodina ventosa (L.) Gray; Gussonea ventosa (L.) Tornab.; Zeora ventosa (L.) Flot.; Lepadolemma ventosum (L.) Trevis.; Ophioparma ventosa (L.) Norman; Lecania ventosa (L.) Müll. Arg.);



A lichen from Norway: I photographed this lichen on a mountain top in Molde, Norway. I gleaned the following information from the internet and I hope my id is correct: Haematomma ventosum: This lichen grows in places which are exposed to the wind and weather. It is a yellow/grey slow growing lichen with blood red specks dotted about it. The red specks protect the lichen from the strong UV radiation, so the higher the lichen, the more red specks. These lichens are strongly attached to the rock and even penetrate into it to get minerals. A crustose lichen.

This is Blood-spot lichen, Ophioparma ventosa
For more info about the systematic position and synonyms

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