Coral mushroom seen at the south end of the national park in Mumbai in June ’10. Hope ID is correct …!

I kindly request you for a larger picture its really hard to determine the name of fungus from small photos. Kindly help!!!
If you want you can send it to me by personal mail, if you think it will unnecessary load our database.

attached few pics of the same mushroom. will these b ok? unfortunately i do not have better pics with more details.
3 images.

Thanks for your lovely efforts to resend the pictures, these snaps are good enough hence I am not craving for the best. The problem was … picture was bit small. As you and … has suggested this to be a mushroom, I have a completely different inference regarding the bio-form in the photos which is not at all mushrooms but Lichen, coralloid lichens are very common, initially same conclusion (lichen) came into my mind when I saw the picture posted by Rashida Ji hence kindly asked her for the larger picture. this Lichen belongs to the genus Cladonia sp but without the study of the mycobiont and the phycobiont its hard for me to move into the species level at least the fruit bodies could have helped me out but alas the lichen in not in it’s reproductive state. Through Google search you can see an array of photos of this genus comprising of different species. Hope you will cherish the beauty of nature and the smooth taste of Fungal Biology and Lichenology.

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