Xanthoria parietina (L.) Beltr. (syn: Lichen parietinus L.; Parmelia parietina (L.) Ach.; Physcia parietina (L.) De Not.; Teloschistes parietinus (L.) Norman);


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Identification requested
Commonly grows on rocks
October 23, 2016
Place: Hatu, Narkanda, Shimla, India
Altitude: 8900 feet

The yellow colour lichen if you put one drop of 5% aqueous solution of KOH if turns red purple-  Xanthoria sp., if not then Candelaria concolor

did you do it? KOH test i mean. if yes, please share your pictures

No, …  This was a crustose lichen. So, I was unable collect. Photographed at a place nearly 70km from Shimla. So, it is not possible to do it this time.

Appears close to images of Xanthoria parietina at

I’ll do it next time when I visit Hatu again.