Daldinia concentrica (Bolton) Ces. & De Not., 1863 (syn: Daldinia concentrica var. concentrica (Bolton) Ces. & De Not., 1863; Daldinia concentrica f. concentrica (Bolton) Ces. & De Not., 1863; Daldinia concentrica f. confluens Lloyd, 1919; Daldinia concentrica f. intermedia Lloyd, 1919; Daldinia concentrica var. microspora (Starbäck) Theiss., 1909; Daldinia concentrica var. minuta Waraitch, 1977; Daldinia intermedia (Lloyd) Child, 1932; Daldinia tuberosa (Scop.) J. Schröt., 1881; Daldinia vernicosa f. microspora Starbäck, 1901; Fungus fraxineus Ray; Hemisphaeria concentrica (Bolton) Klotzsch, 1843; Hemisphaeria tuberosa (Scop.) Kuntze, 1898; Hypoxylon concentricum (Bolton) Grev., 1827; Hypoxylon concentricum var. concentricum (Bolton) Grev., 1827; Hypoxylon tuberosum (Scop.) Wettst., 1885; Lycoperdon atrum Schaeff., 1774; Lycoperdon fraxineum Huds., 1778; Peripherostoma concentricum (Bolton) Gray, 1821; Peripherostoma concentricum var. concentricum (Bolton) Gray, 1821; Peripherostoma concentricum var. multicapsulare Gray, 1821; Sphaeria concentrica Bolton, 1792; Sphaeria concentrica var. pedicellata Pers., 1801; Sphaeria fraxinea Sibth., 1794; Sphaeria tuberosa (Scop.) Timm, 1788; Sphaeria tunicata Tode, 1791; Stromatosphaeria concentrica (Bolton) Grev., 1827; Valsa tuberosa Scop., 1772);
Austria; Channel Is.; Czech Republic; Delhi; Dominica; Germany; Great Britain; Greece; Guizhou; Hong Kong; Italy; Karnataka; Kenya; Latvia; Nigeria; Pakistan; Romania; Sierra Leone; Spain; Trinidad-Tobago; Tristan da Cunha; West Bengal; Zambia as per Catalogue of Life;


Pls help me in the identification of these fungi. It was a dead stump of Ficus tree infested with termites. On the surface Daldinia (brown irregular balls) … was growing.
For the other one, Daldinia pls help in the identification of species. It may be Daldinia concentrica.
Place: Delhi University Campus
Date: September 2009
Daldinia  is known by several common names, including King Alfred’s Cake, cramp balls, and coal fungus, is a member of Xylariaceae (Ascomycetes).

The First to images seems to be of Daldinia but to confirm it to D concentrica just you have cut in to have this specie has a diagnostic concentric growth ring like formation. If you find there is concentric ring this is undoubtedly D concentrica, but quit hard to determine from outside.

First one the black ascostroma as … identified it is Daldinia concentrca for the sure.

SK2044 14 July 2019 – Mycophyta : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

Location: Gyaneswor, Kathmandu
Date: 13 July 2019
Elevation: 1300 m.

Habitat : Wild

Some Daldinia species as in Daldinia concentrica (Bolton) Ces. & De Not. ?

According to the book that is the only one listed. Thank you for the ID …!

SK 2181 17 September 2019 – Mycophyta : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)- 1 mb and 2 mb.

Location: Godawari, Lalitpur,, Nepal
Altitude: 1863 m.
Date: 08 August 2019
Habit : Wild

Something like or related to Daldinia concentrica (Bolton) Ces. & De Not.

What are the species of Daldinia found in your area/ book?

Only one so far according to the book and looks matching !

SK 2729 06 August 2020 – Mycophyta : 6 posts by 2 authors. 3 images- 5 to 6 mb each.

Location: Gyaneswor, Katghmandu
Date: 06 August 2020
Elevation: 1300 m.
Habit : Wild


Daldinia concentrica (Bolton) Ces. & De Not. ? Only one listed??

Daldinia sp. :: Waghbil, Thane, Maharashtra :: Sep 18, 2010 · 1:36 PM IST: 2 images.

Daldinia sp. … Complex Daldinia concentrica

Waghbil, Thane, Maharashtra :: Sep 18, 2010 · 1:36 PM IST :: about 3 m (10 ft) asl

Many thanks to Hari M T (indiantoadstool) for suggesting the ID in iNaturalist

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